Monday, 19 January 2009


Anyone who knows me really well will know that I really like music that sounds like it should be in a sci-fi movie or a video game. I think the same reason I really like music that contains space-like sounds in it is the same reason that people are interested in space and many artists allude to the cosmos in their music. We are not alone.
For eons man has gazed at the sky and understood by the sheer volume of stars and the infinite nature of the galaxy that we are not alone. No musician better understood this than George Clinton, who pretty much invented Funk and headed the group Parliament Funkadelic. On his 1975 LP 'Mothership Connection', the album cover artwork depicts George looking pretty funky, chilling out the side of a spaceship amongst a cluster of star nebulae. This is one of the most overt references in popular music to the human races possible extraterrestrial origins and for those familiar with their history, many ancient cultures have recorded the presence of alien life in their myths and textures.
The Dogon people who live in the Homburi Mountains near Timbuktu have known about the existence of a star called Sirius B for hundreds of years, NASA only photographed it for the first time in 1970!George Clinton's Hit Song 'Atomic Dog' released in 1982, is a reference to Sirius B, which is also known as the Dogstar.

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