Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, RZA & Slick Rick - 'The Sun' (Bulletproof Wallets 2001)

The Wu & Ricky D get their heliocentric on. This song is a celebration of the Sun and is really very positive and informative. "The Sun kiss scrumptious son, it's nutritious" exclaims Ghost likening the Sun to a juice drink. "Prisoners get out, look up, run at you and then kiss the ground", explains Rae, reminding us of the lack of sunlight & exercise many prisoners receive whilst incarcerated.

It's clear in the way Ghost & Rae drop it that they are paying homage to Rick in their verses. Ricky D comes with signature water flows & his distinct storyteller tone, extolling truth and wisdom in his effortless drawl, "Isn't it cool how it spreads joy, hons lay in it/And it's hard to go back to work, when your lunch breaks finished."

Ricky D gets deep and philosophical with his closing bars:

"...since dinosaurs, and Adam and Eve
That Sun's hovered, to the extermination of us
It's a peephole, which leads to the firmament above us."

Rick poignantly reminds us of our own mortality and insignificance, The Sun will one day engulf this planet when it reaches the end of it's life cycle. Firmament is also not a word rappers typically use. He has a great vocabulary! Rick does state earlier in his verse that, "A theory I've clung to deep within/Souls have to go through the sun to reach Heaven", which is an interesting concept.

RZA chimes in with two bars after Rick's verse about the Sun's role in the water cycle:

"Who can take a raindrop
And turn it to 3?
And drawn up 6 miles, over tropical isles
And bring it to the sea."

This track is straight poetry, philosophy and science. It is a celebration of the Sun and an explanation of it's impact on the peoples of Earth. In my humble view it makes more sense to make a song about the Sun than any God(s).

RZA got the sample from the track 'Does He Treat You Better' by Unique Blend , a beautiful soul record.


Monday, 29 November 2010


Producer 14KT who graduated from the Dilla school of Hip Hop production mixes 10 beats in 10 minutes for #1 of the Spine Beat Tape series. The format of ten minutes allows producers a free reign to fit in as many beats as possible or focus on fewer more intricate pieces.

Subscribe to the podcast on itunes here. Or download it here.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Yusef Lateef - Love Theme From Spartacus

Space travel. This song fucks with your inner.


By Heatwave from the album 'Central Heating' 1978.

J R Bailey - Just Me 'n' You

I can't help but feel good about life when I hear this song. Classic soul groovements.



Monday, 22 November 2010

Sunday, 21 November 2010


Tyler The Creator's Bastard.

3.Odd Toddlers Feat. Casey Veggies
4.French! Feat. Hodgy Beats
6.Pigs Fly Feat. Domo Genesis
8.Slow It Down Feat. Hodgy Beats
9.AssMilk Feat. Earl
11.Session Feat. Hodgy Beats & BranDun Deshay
13.Jack & The Beanstalk
14. Tina Feat. Jasper & Taco

Download HERE.

Bastard is a cult classic, a modern masterpiece. Tyler is a beast on the mic, his beats are phenomenal, they either bang hard or are as mellow as f*ck. Tyler is the product of LA skate & music culture . Think early Eminem or Redman meets Southpark with a bit of RZA, Quasimoto, MF Doom & Lil B sprinkled into the mix. Tyler's lyrics are far from conventional: rape, murder, drugs & casual misogyny being is topics of choice. But whilst Tyler can shock his rhymes are both an examination of his immediate surroundings: LA youth culture and a wider culture of American homicide & crime. Think the Cohen Brother's No Country For Old Men meets Wu Tang Clan's 36 Chambers.

Track's such as 'French' & 'VCR/Wheels' immediately stand out for their beats. When I heard 'French' performed live it sounded ridiculous on the levels of Beastie Boy & Run DMC anthems. 'VCR/Wheels' are beautiful beat sketches with Tyler's low pitched vocals over the top. Referencing beats that are usually reserved for RnB crooners, 'Wheels/VCR' are songs of the highest irony, Tylers subject matter of rape & kidnap are eerily juxtaposed over the pleasant beats. The rest of the album is fire, riddled with gnarly rhyme patterns, double entendres and teenage angst. I eagerly await his forthcoming album Wolf. But for now I'm happy to listen to Bastard, a shocking concept album complete with dope beats & fresh rhymes. 5/5

*Bonus: Bastard Chopped and Screwed by Mike G


Casey Veggies is a 17 year old rapper from LA who is pals with the Odd Future mandem. This track 'It's All Good' from his mixtape 'Customized Greatly' released in 2009 is ill. His laid back demeanor & the summery beat make this a winner in my neck of the woods.

Friday, 19 November 2010


Wednesday night was the launch party for the Hermes: J'aime Mon Carre pop up shop in Arnold Circus, London, E2. Party goers got the opportunity to try on scarves and then get a photo of themselves donned in silk. Girl, punk band Warpaint performed & champagne, beer & radishes were enjoyed by all. The pop-up store is open until Sunday, if high fashion is your thing definitely worth a visit.


Another banger from Ace the Creator AKA Tyler. This track has been receiving heavy rotation this week. The way the vocals are pitched it reminds me of Madlib's Quasimoto. Tyler & Quas need make a track ASAP. They are both on very similar wavelengths.


Check out my boy Super Dertie dropping them nonchalant, water flows. The best MC's are all from NW.

Sunday, 14 November 2010


Nike Basketball and Jordan have always made the best commercials. The brands have managed to become synonymous with cool. Many of the ads reflect wider black culture: film, comedy & music. The above example features music from the Wu-Tang clan, Anime style animation along side live footage of Lebron James doing what he does best. Nike's consistent ability to produce innovative, fresh content for commercials is probably what has helped to keep them number one on many people's list of favorite sports brands. It's no secret that Nike spend a large portion of their annual budget on advertising & PR to ensure the brand retains it's street cred & gargantuan status.

Throughout my entire life I have found that Nike & Jordan advertising campaigns have been the ones I have like the most, they spoke to me far more than any other brands. Some Nike adverts resonate with me as much as my favorite films & songs (many Nike B-Ball & Jordan ads were directed by Spike Lee). The Nike Basketball & Jordan brands have managed to capture in their campaigns what it is about Basketball & the culture that surrounds it, that makes it exciting, addictive, life-consuming etc...

The ads work. It's clear they were made with an emphasis on creativity and innovation, the ads are designed to tap into aspirations of inner city youth who play ball & listen to hip-hop and are into the culture that surrounds the game: sneakers, music, clothes & the lifestyle & those who aspired to it. I bought the shoes.

It's weird to think about the way a sneaker brand has impacted your life. But Nike & Jordan shoes have not been just influential in my life, they have had a huge impact on Hip-Hop & popular culture. Basketball shoes such as The Air Force One & the entire Jordan series have become symbols of Hip Hop culture, fresh AF1's being an emblem of status.

Jordan, is not only one of the best Basketball players of all time, he was also the first to have his own shoe that became a distinct brand in itself generating millions. Jordan's status as best in the world helped make the brand seem like the best in the world, a formula Nike have continued to follow with Lebron James & Kobe Bryant. Being the best in the world and having the most popular shoe/clothing brand was very inspiring to me as a youth.

Everyone knows clothes & footwear are an important part of Hip-Hop & sports culture and the two are both closely interlinked. Hip-Hop music has undoubtedly had a large impact on the way athletes dress, as sportswear has always played a large part in Hip-Hop. Many rappers have their own clothing lines. Jay-z & 50 Cent both have their own shoes, a bit like Jordan.

Basketball isn't really as popular in the UK as it is in the U.S and mainland Europe, I'm not really sure why, but a well considered UK Nike Basketball campaign could do wonders to invigorate the sport. An entire generation of kids who listen to hip-hop & wear Nike basketball shoes, who may not even play the game would immediately recognize and understand the imagery of Basketball having being exposed to the game through other media: TV, music, fashion, movies etc...

Basketball events & coverage are few & far between in the UK, TV shows are on late at night and games hardly get a mention in the national press. Information & games are to be found online at places such as www.hoopsfix.com. Although Nike does have a presence at events such as Midnight Madness and at the store Nike Town, that's about it.

A documentary that aims to encourage people to back Team Great Britian, 'Back British Basketball' was released online prior to Team GB's Olympic qualifiers earlier this year. Despite England winning all four qualifying matches, Basketball in England remains an untapped market, largely ignored by the media. Team GB matches are not broadcast on TV, such coverage pales in comparison to Nike's sponsorship & promotion of the US team.



Kenzo Digital presents "The Dee & Ricky Super Happy Fun Time Show" Teaser

Thursday, 11 November 2010


Check this VCR footage of my homeboy FunkinEven 1956 discussing his origins in Hip-Hop & the Barbershop out in West London. It was shot by fly girl Grace Ladoja for Acyde's TMI. The dope title card contains a photo by Vent Fury.

The ish comes across like an old school music documentary that you'd watch in school, on acid with a futuristic house soundtrack. Funkineven has put out music on Eglo Records, collaborating with artists such as Fatima, a funky soulful vocalist.


"I dress, eat, shit, hi top, fades, lines everything hip hop."

"The future is the past, the past is the future, every thing's been done already."

"Technology all that, this is ancient stuff."

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Mike G - Stick Up Ft. Earl by higherminded


Henny Moan came hard & correct (pause) with Volume 1 of The Lurrrvtapes series. Or in his words: "Want to Play some seductive lady music then some weird shit."

This features tracks from Odd Future & Slum Village, two of my favorite crews & heaps more aural goodness. The Lurrrvtape is the perfect blend of shit you've never heard before & crack cocaine to keep you warm on these harsh Winter nights. So sit back, light that kush & unwind...

TheLurvTapes Vol.1 by Henny Moan

Monday, 8 November 2010


Phantasmagorical. Emotive. Poignant. Simple. Cool out to this.


Mellowhype are Hodgy Beats & Left Brain, members of the Odd Future Wolf Gang camp. They have just released the album 'BLACKENEDWHITE', definitely a dope album. Previously they have put out the mixtape YELLOWHITE which is worth checking out.

Lyrical content is a mix of casual thuggery, kush talk & determination. Hodgy Beats has a clear, clean style reminiscent of Wiz Khalifa & Lil B. The beats as always with Odd Future are fresh, lush & bangin. Both Hodgy & Left Brain produce.

Hodgy has traces of Kanye & Wiz Khalifa in his voice but is a lyrical beast in his own right. Flipping mad syllables, his mellow west coast flow contains confidence & hunger. Leftbrain spits less often, dropping bombs here & there. He kicks a dope verse on Fuck The Police Feat. Tyler The Creator.

Stand out tracks on BLACKENEDWHITE are Loco, Brain featuring Hodgy Beats, Corduroy Feat. Earl, Loaded & Right Here Feat. Mike G. Polyurthane & Rolex from YELLOWHITE


Tyler & the rest of Odd Future catch wreck over the original track.


Mike G is probably the most low key of Odd Future. His laidback drawl is reminiscent of someone much older than his teenage years. Flows begin on beat and end up off beat, Mike G's style is unique he combines the new age flows of Drake or Kid Cudi with the more recogniseable styles of Warren G & Snoop. The King Mike G is an eloquent thug on an space funk mission. The beats on Ali are incredible: lo-fi & hazy. Mike G also makes dope Chopped & Screwed tracks. Light it up.

Stand out tracks are Moracular Word, Ok MikeG, Crazy, King Stick Up Feat. Earl is fantastic. Timeless Feat. Tyler is also a superb concept track. In fact the whole shit is tight. Fresher than crest breath is.

Download Ali HERE


This song is ridiculous. Play it loud.

Sunday, 7 November 2010


Tyler The Creator is a foul mouthed, sex obsessed teenager from California. He produces dope hip-hop beats, films videos, designs album artwork & can rap is ass off. Try & find the Bastard Tape to gain an insight into the life of a 19 year old kid from LA who has a fascination with rape, murder, white girls, the devil & music. Bastard is an examination of the impact his life has had without a father. Tyler makes advanced, ill music. He is the leader of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, a posse of Supreme rocking skater kids who make dope music.