Sunday, 20 December 2009


Redman is one of my favorite rappers. From 'Whut? Thee Album' released in 1992, to 'Dare Iz A Darkside' released in 1994 and then 'Muddy Waters' which came out on 1996, these three albums represent a triumvirate of ill funk rap that can't be replicated nor matched in my humble opinion. During this time The Funk Doctor Spock was rolling thick with the Def Squad, rap supergroup consisting of Eric Sermon, Keith Murray & Mally G, who during this period were catching mad amounts of wreck, in the booth, on stage and in the charts.

For me few other rappers do it for me like a young Redman, he's funny, his flows are always original and hard hitting and his rhymes are often intricate, complex and intelligent, pulsating with meaning and references. I think the three aforementioned albums as well as the other work he was putting out during this period serve as testament to Redman's superior rhyming ability. I doubt you'll find another rapper as pioneering or versatile as the Funkadelic Devil himself.

It is true since 'Muddy Waters', Redman has fallen off. But most rappers do. Time and money are usually the main factors contributing to a rappers downfall. Red is no exception.

For a glimpse of Redman in his funky, punchline spitting, hungry, prime please check out the attached mixtape. It is evidence that Redman was one of the best to ever do it and evidence that his style has influenced countless other rappers including Eminem, whose style was undoubtedly heavily influenced by Reggie Noble. Unfortunately Redman has become a parody of himself much in the same way Eminem has. Remember his six years of greatness, I say and ignore the sellout, movie star Redman of the present.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009


I have a thing for girls that can sing. I don't know what it is but if a girl can really hit those intense frequencies and has an amazingly beautiful voice it leaves me starry eyed. And if the girl is really intelligent and can sing and write beautiful songs it's all over. Lauren Hill for example, if she sang to me, like serenaded me and looked deep into my eyes and really meant it I'd probably cream myself. That said I present to you Rahel and Szjerdene who are both from London and both girls can really sing, and without sounding too neo-spiritual they both give off the amazing energy and vibe when the sing. It amazes me that talent like this isn't championed and recognised by record labels. X-Factor and Cheryl Tweedy don't have a single thing on these two young ladies.

Apologies for some of the video quality, but sometimes the best things in life are a little greasy.


Listen to Dame Dash drop incredible knowledge about the record industry. He speaks about 'whack world' a euphemism for the profit obsessed corporate mind state of those who run the major labels and other corporations. He also talks about music, the entertainment, industry, beef, conquest and the future. Take notes.

I found this ish on DJGONE.TV

Monday, 30 November 2009


It's slightly odd watching Pharrell & DJ Premier have a conversation about Q-Tip & Busta, but Pharell is pretty f*cking funny actually, and he does a good Busta Rhymes impression, and oddly enough the whole thing is being filmed by Consequence, Q-tips cousin.

This clip is from Peter Rosenberg's Noisemaker's, Q-Tip is being interviewed in front of a VIP Hip Hop audience in NY City. He speaks on how Busta Rhymes nearly joined Tribe, he also does the amazing Busta Rhymes impression. Who's is better?


This laid back disco, funk & boogie mix is off the chain! I've been bumping it on & off for the last few weeks. The 2nd & 3rd tracks into the mix have me bugging out insanely. Please download & enjoy, it'll keep you warm during these increasingly colder + wetter winter nights.

Etienne Cap & His Orchestra "Take A Taxi"
Charnissa "When Can We Do This Again"
Hairline & Trends "Boy Flip"
Jeff & Aleta "Love Touch"
Sandra Feva "Fade Away"
Pure Gold "Who Loves You Better"
Tony Comer & Crosswinds "Don´t Give Up"
ISH "Don´t Stop"
The Baptiste Band "I Can´t Get You Off My Mind"
Direct Pressure "Love Flight"
Kasino "Heaven´s Touch"
Rob C "I´ll Never Let You Down"
Tony Ransom "One Love"
Kim Love "Stop You (Dead In Your Tracks)"
Bo Kirkland & Ruth Davis "Stay By My Side"
O´mar "Satisfaction"
Lalomie Washburn "I Really Need Your Lovin´"
Brief Encounter "What About Love"
Maggi "Reeaal Deeaal"


Mos Def, DMX, John Forte, Mic Geronimo, Big Pun & Canibus trading acapella verses around a table circa 1998.

Mos Def spits an incredibly impressive verse, Big Pun destroys the place and Canibus spit's an entertaining verse about LL Cool J.

As a huge Hip Hop fan I have fantasies about my favorite rappers all being friends with each other, hanging out rapping. This video comes close to that fantasy, I always get pretty excited when I see rappers hanging out backstage/VIP talking sh*t or freestyling.

Thursday, 26 November 2009


I made this video for Spine TV with Dan Canyon as part of his Stolen Moments video magazine.
It was a great experience working with "The Canyon" and getting to meet and talk to Dam. Pronounced 'dame'.

For those who don't know, Dam Funk is a producer/singer/musician out of Leimart Park, LA. He is known as the 'boogie funk ambassador', and his music can we found in the future funk/modern funk/future/space funk section of your local record store.

I first met Dam Funk when he first played at Benji B's Deviation club night which is held at the Gramophone venue in East London. He was a humble, peaced out guy but he brought the fire on the turntables, people in London weren't used to going to the club and hearing Boogie Funk, they weren't ready. When he played "Messages From The Stars" by The Rah Band (a UK band) the club went insane. When he played his own music, like the Baron Zen Remix entitled, 'Burn Rubber' the place went bananas. By playing old boogie funk records alongside his new ish, he was declaring his influences and lineage. The sound blew peoples minds. Plus Dam was calling out the names of the bangin' boogie funk records he was playing in order to fully share the music.

Fast forward to 2 months ago and Dam was back in the country to play again @ Deviation. I went to the rave, most people that night will say it was a banger. It was aiiight but I had mad baby mama drama up in the place, and it was overly rammo. Anyway, I proceeded to the afterparty where I asked Dam if it was possible to interview him for Spine TV. He said he was back in town in a few days, I teamed up with Dan Canyon, got the green light from the Stones Throw PR guy, and went to film him at the Brick Lane Bowling Alley, on the top floor where the private lanes are.

Whilst all the other people there to interview him may have asked him an interesting question about music or some sh*t, no one really got him to talk about anything else. I knew I was on to a winner when I got him to talk about UFO's because on one of his songs on his new album 'Toeachizown', on the track, 'Brookside Park' he talks about seeing UFO's. So i asked him about it, watch the interview to see what he says. I also asked him about Freemasonry, and he revealed that his Grandfather was a freemason, mine was too!

Me and Canyon also got the pleasure of hearing him soundcheck at Plastic People before the club opened. Dam pumped the world renown Plastic soundsystem up to the highest level, whilst playing the keytar and singing on the vocoder. He played the Baron Zen remix, which happens to be one of my favorite songs anyway, but live with a keytar and a vocoder coming through the Plastic speakers = a religious experience.

Dam Funk is a very nice guy and a fantastic musician. His new album 'Toeachizown" is available on Stones Throw Records and comes highly recommended.

Dam Funk

Dan Canyon's Stolen Moments

Stones Throw

Benji B's Deviation

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Escape From Tomorrow (A Day In the Life With Nigel Sylvester) from 13thWitness™ on Vimeo.

Nigel Sylvester makes BMXing look like the coolest, most effortless thing. Watching this makes me want to go and buy a bmx and new nikes immediately!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Watch RZA make a beat instantly and then catch mad wreck up on the microphone.


Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Nas spitting over Pete Rock. It doesn't actually get any better than this. And Pete is in the video playing the piano and singing!

The Q-Tip remix is pretty amazing. The video is incredible, its like some kind of Queensbridge thug drama with a Nas soundtrack.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Saturday, 24 October 2009


Last night I saw Precious : Based On a Novel By Sapphire at the VUE Leceister Square as part of the London Film Festival.
Precious was directed by Lee Daniels, who produced Monsters Ball, Shadowboxer & The Woodsman. The film is set in New York, 1987 and is about a rather large 16 year old black girl called Precious played by the actress Gabby Sabide, who I was lucky enough to meet after the film. Gabby is a lovely intelligent, sweet young lady who has accomplished a great deal in her first starring role. The film begins with Precious being kicked out of high school because she is pregnant with her second child! When Precious goes home to her mother played by Mo'nique who you might recognise from various comedy roles such as in The Parkers or The Queens Of Comedy, the audience immediately receive a glimpse of why Precious' home life is incredibly difficult to say the least. Her mother is not very nice.
Having been kicked out of school Precious attends an alternative school for young women, where she flourishes under the tuition and affection of her teacher Ms. Rain, played by the delectable Paula Patton, she is also helped along the way by her revelrous classmates, a male nurse played by Lenny Kravitz and a social worker played by Mariah Carey.
Whilst there are scenes of harrowing abuse there are also scenes of humor, hope and aspiration. The contrast creates an effective drama which emotionally involves the audience, Precious' themes of depression and isolation are universal.
Precious is about abuse, family, relationships, loneliness as well as silence and secrecy and being able to combat oppression and silence. This film is very important because disturbing, inspirational stories like this are unfortunately very common and it is not often that they are explored so well on the Big Screen with big stars such as Mariah & Lenny Kravitz supporting them. Precious also has a fair bit of Oprah money behind it, she executive produced it along side Tyler Perry who is a big fish in the pond of black filmmakers in the US, Oprah is also like some sort of saint or idol of worship, her tentacles of wealth & influence are forever stretching further & further across the earth, encompassing more & more in their powerful grasp.
Anyway, really good film, it is in general release in UK cinemas pretty soon, keep your eyes peeled, very well made film, oscar worthy performances, be sure to check it out!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Last Thursday I went to the premier of The Men Who Stare At Goats, starring George Clooney, Euan McGregor & Kevin Spacey, directed by Grant Heslov. The film is based on a book of the same name by Jon Ronson, who has made documentaries about 'The New World Order' as well as the US military. I thought the film was great: funny & informative.
It reveals the extreme lengths the American military will go to in order to maintain world domination. The film also looks at the crazy and bizarre ideas and experiments that go on behind doors closed doors within the military industrial complex, such as remote viewing and psychic warfare. Highly reccomnended.

On Sunday I saw the French film MICSMACS directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, who also directed Amelie & Delicatessen. The film is about weapons manufacturers and a man who's been shot in the head but survives. MICSMACS is incredibly funny, well written, beautifully shot, intricately detailed and effective.
The film acts as a vehicle of protest against the arms industry and looks at the morality of an industry which makes a living off death, it also looks at the the way arms companies often make illegal deals with dangerous regimes. The film also mentions the fact that the French President Nicolas Sarkozy is friends with weapons manufacturers. Certainly one of the best films I've seen a long time.

Last night I saw The Limits Of Control written & directed by John Jarmusch who has also made Ghost Dog Way of The Samurai and Coffee & Cigerettes. The film explores the life of an assasin, excellently played by Isaach De Bankolé about to perform a hit, who remains silent and focused on the impending task even whilst beautiful girls hurl themselves at him The film was shot on location in Spain and features actors such as Bill Murray, Gael Garcia Bernal & Tilda Swandon whom the protagonist meets and has strange, philosophical meetings which seem to echo each other, which lead him ultimately to his target who is Bill Murray playing an American Neo-Con. The film is beautifully shot by Christopher Doyle, it relies more on shots and framing, than dialogue or action. Jim Jarmusch explained before the movie started that framing and angle can often affect perception, especially one's perception of a person, whether in real life or movies.
The film is really slow, but the shots, characters, the setting and mis en scene all tell a story. The shots are rich in symbolism and cinematic reference, they are a snapshot of Western Society and a study of how Cinema or Hollywood portray themes of Western culture.

Thursday, 15 October 2009


Last night I went to see Fantastic Mr. Fox at the opening gala of the London Film Festival. For those unfamiliar with Fantastic Mr. Fox it is a children's novel written by Roald Dahl, about a courageous Fox who likes to steal chickens from farms. Wes Anderson, the director of Rushmore and Darjeeling Limited has reinterpreted the kids book as a quirky animated feature. George Clooney voices Mr. Fox, Meryl Streep is Mrs. Fox and Bill Murray is Badger.

It was a bit weird walking up the red carpet and have paparazzi snap me like I'm someone, the elite of the film industry and many of the corporate sponsors of the festival turned out en masse suited and booted to see the film and schmooze about at the afterparty.

I thought the film was charming, funny and incredibly well made and thought out. It must have taken ages to do because stop frame animation is a laborious technique to say the least. Many Roald Dahl books have been brought to life on the screen including Charlie & The Chocolate Factory and James & The Giant Peach, the mix between Wes Anderson, an accomplished screen writer in his own right and Roald Dahl's fantasy world make for entertaining viewing.

After the film there were coaches waiting to take the audience to the afterparty at the Saatchi gallery on the Kings Rd. Sometimes big industry parties can be an awkward, lonely affair if you don't know many people but I was lucky to bump into an old school friend Jessie and her mate. We took full advantage of the free bar, champagne was flowing like water even though apparently were in a recession, we were quick to pursue and slightly harass any waiter seen carrying a tray of canapes. At one point they were carrying around big pieces of steak on sticks, that's what type of party it was.

I met the menswear designer Oswald Boateng, he was pretty cool, and anyone who calls me 'sir' is okay in my book! Unfortunately I didn't get to talk to Bill Murray, he was coming in just as I was going out for a cigerette, but his facial expressions are as funny in real life as in the movies. He did not look best pleased when a gaggle of fans tried to snap him on their camera phones.

I also saw Jamie Callum, the singer who goes out with Sophie Dahl. I'd seen pictures of the couple in the paper where she looks much taller than him. Its not because she's a tall model. Its because the guy is a midget. He could be under five foot, he could shop at baby gap, that short!

A good opening night to the festival. Tonight I'm seeing 'The Men Who Stare At Goat's', come back tomorrow for the latest.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story

Chimamanda Adichie is an accomplished novelist and essayist from Nigeria. Her most famous work is Half of a Yellow Sun which is an incredibly well written novel, involving an intricate narrative of the Biafran War in Nigeria in 1967.

In the clip above Chimamanda Adichie speaks about the danger of a single story, which means the need for multiple strands of narrative, or stories when attempting to describe something. She explains that stereotypes can be cruel and misleading because they only tell a single story. This can apply to race or any stereotype or preconception.

The media can portray black men for example, in a negative fashion, but of course not all black men indulge in negative practices. Chimamanda is asking us to not to speak in terms of black and white but be able to articulate the grey, to explain the duplicity or multipicity of stories or descriptions. She is telling us to up our storytelling game so peolple don't have to read in between the lines.


Mixed Up is a film which explores the correlations between mixed race heritage and style influences. It was made by Cassie Clarke for her BA Fashion Promotion final project. The film was conceived, filmed and edited by Cassie.

I really liked this film firstly because it explores mixed race style. There have been many studies of black or white people, but there aren't too many focusing on mixed race people. Cassie interviews what looks like a bunch of mixed race students from London, and explores how their heritage has affected their style. I found I could identify with most people in the film, seeing as I am mixed race and from London, many of the narratives seemed very familiar to my own story.

I was also impressed by how concise and effective the film was, seeing as it was made very simply by a first time film maker. I found it very inspiring as I am an aspiring film maker myself. if your at all interested in mixed race people and how their heritage impacts what they wear, I suggest you check it out.

Cassie also has a blog that coincides with the film which explores mixed race style @ Mixed Up.

Sunday, 11 October 2009


WEDNESDAY 21st October 9-2AM

Nonsense is a monthly club night held at the world renown Plastic People on Curtain Rd in East London. The Nonsense family consists of Judah, Mr. Wonderful & Benny Blanco who are crate diggers and music enthusiasts, whose soundsystems have featured musical talent from around the world. The Nonsense family have been throwing heavyweight parties for years and are well established on the London scene.

Dam-Funk who is signed to the LA based label Stones Throw is celebrating the release of TOEACHIZOWN VOL.4 : HOOD @ Plastic People on the 21st. Dam-Funk explains that his latest offering is for all, 'Funksta's, G-Funksta's, Gangsta's & just ALL genuine appreciators of this 'Modern-Funk' music coming outta Los Angeles, California at this moment'. His latest installment is the forth of a five part album which is all available to download @ Stones Throw.

Plastic People is known for its incredible sound system. Producers from round the world come there to see what their songs sound like on the system, the bass is so loud it reverberates through your whole body. Nonsense have been known to throw a good party or two, and Dam-Funk has helped bring Boogie Funk and Modern Funk to dancefloors round the world. Dam will be performing live with two keyboards and a keytar.

Here's a taste of things to come in the form of 2 MP3s and an exclusive Dam Funk Boogie mix.

1. Hood Pass Intact - Dam Funk (Toeachizown Vol.4: Hood)
2. Toeachizown - Dam Funk
3. Dam Funk in Cologne Hour Long Funk Mix


Jay Dee is not only a very accomplished producer he is also an outstanding emcee. His voice is mellow and laid back, his delivery is precise and nonchalant and he spits his flow like a musician playing a rhythym instrument.

Jay is mad dope, whether he's spitting with Slum, Common, Tribe or some gully detroit rappers, he always comes correct. His flow and delivery are so on point, that he is a pleasure to listen to.

Now below is a hand selected, freshly picked batch of the gullyest Jay Dee verses. Listen, enjoy and relish this accomplished producer spitting some Grade A fire. Make a playlist on your iPod called 'Dilla Spittin' and turn it up.


1. F*ck The Police- J Dilla (Pay Jay)
2. Get It Together- Slum Village
3. That Shit- The Ummah
4. Make Em NV- J Dilla (Ruff Draft)
5. Reckless Driving- J Dilla (Ruff Draft)
6. The $- J Dilla (Ruff Draft)
7. Shake It Down - Jay Dee (Welcome To Detroit)
8. Give It Up - Jay Dee (Welcome To Detroit)
9. Reunion - Slum Village (Detroit Deli)
10.Cosmic Slop - Jay Dee (Jay Dee Project)
11.Fresh for 1998 - Jay Dee (Jay Dee Project)
12.Thelonius - Common Feat. Slum Village (Like Water For Chocolate)
13.Heat - Common Feat. Jay Dee (Like Water For Chocolate)
14.Game Over - Dabrye Feat. Jay Dee & Phat Kat
15.As Serious As Your Life Is (Jay Dee Remix) - Fourtet
16.Beej-N-Dem Pt.2 - Jay Dee (Welcome To Detroit)
17.Act Like You Know - Platinum Pied Pipers Feat. Jay Dee
18. N*ggaz Know - Pete Rock Feat. J Dilla


Monday, 5 October 2009


I've bumped this song a good 20 times today. Dwele is a smooth motherf*cker, I remember when I went to see him at the Jazz cafe, girls in the venue were loosing their minds. The girl I was with was definitely much more into Dwele than me. Anyway, this track is a nice little Dilla medley and it bangs nicely. Dwele is a very talented musician, he's one of those genius Stevie Wonder types who can sing as well as play every instrument. I think Dwele directed this video aswell, if so he killed it.


In the Pocket (Rhodes and Moog Light Paint) from Ethan Goldhammer on Vimeo.

Extreme LFO sightings in Rhodes Island. Original music by Ethan Goldhammer and S. Burke. Time Lapse footage shot in August 2009.

This is a beautiful song containing dope synths and Rhodes piano. Kick back to this one.


This documentary was made in 1987,a year before I was born! It features Tim Westwood & Trevor Nelson looking young and the all the original UK Hip Hop pioneers such as Cookie Crew and Bionic from London Posse. What is interesting is that all early UK emcees rapped in American accents. Although Bionic form London Posse did not, he rapped in his real cockney accent, which is very fly, go 23.00 minutes into the doc to see Bionic spitting hot fire! The doc also features a bit of early UK graf.


Masta Ace, Inc - 'Born To Roll" from the 1995 LP 'Slaughtahouse'
This video is also directed by Masta Ace.

This track is the ultimate driving banger. When it comes on it makes me want to dance in a fairly outrageous fashion.


Wednesday, 30 September 2009




Big L is considered one of the premier lyricists of the 90's. He developed his style in the groove of Lord Finesse from DITC but went on to develop a multisyllable, fast paced punchline style of his own which quite franly sh*t on most other rappers. Unfortunately he was slain in 1999, the above trailer is for an impending documentary about his life & career. It looks pretty DOPE.


Saafir - 'Light Sleeper' from the album entitled BoxCar Sessions released in 1994 (Qwest Records).

Oakland, West Coast Sunshine Boom Bap. The song is very relaxing with an important message to stay awake! Saafir's rhyme style is very fly and he gets very deep with his subject matter, this is hip hop at it's most powerful + brilliant. PCE

Monday, 21 September 2009


These songs all fit together. It's as if they were all influenced by something higher, an unknown force, funk, god, light call it what you will. These songs all resonate on a frequency which causes me to nod my head haphazardly and screw my face up, in a good way.

1. Make Me Stronger (Floating Points Remix) Feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow - Bei Bei & Shawn Lee

This song actually f*cks with my soul. Georgia Anne Muldrow is an ancient Goddess exuding her earthly truths over an equally disturbing and beautiful beat by Floating Points, which contains agressive digital space synths along side melancholy Strings.

2. After the Rain (GB Remix) - Little Dragon

This song also belongs in the f*cks with my soul category. GB really does it here. There is something about unique and powerful female vocalists such as Georgia Anne Muldrow, AHU as well as Yukimi Nagano the vocalist for Little Dragon over futuristic beats that really do it for me. It's strange because these first two songs are both remixes that sound completely different from the original versions. The tracks confirm Floating Points and GB as solid producers.Its the bassline contrasted with Yukimi Nagano vocals and airy chords that make this a big favorite of mine.

3. Roberta Flack- Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus delivers a surefire winner with bits of digital bassline scattered amongst a medley of star crossed samples, AHU's slightly disturbing vocal tone is at once soothing but piercing.

Bonus Track
Addicted - Stacy Epps


Sunday, 20 September 2009


This guy is so ill with cards that when he was once competing in a magic contest the judges disqualified him because they thought the spectators who shuffled his cards were stooges, in on his trick. This guy has an incredible memory, the Swedish Professor is as fast as lightning with a deck and can perform unbelievable things. His ability is evidence that hard work and dedication can help you achieve miraculous, magical feats.


Street Talk is a vimeo series of street conversations hosted by Kevin Larnre. I posted this clip because it's got Jeff on top of a luminous, multicolored fix gear bike and he's speaking the complete and utter truth about freedom in Britain.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


As I approached the carnival along the canal from Harrow Road, a Police helicopter circled menacingly over head, a large video camera protruded from the front of the copter like the stinger on a bee. I quite rightly felt like I was being watched. I could hear the music even though I was still a few blocks away.

As soon as I reached Westbourne park I could see the rows of the Police, outside the road by the station there was at least one policemen every five meters. Is carnival really that much of a 'crime hot spot' that it requires a policemen to be stationed every 5 meters along the carnival route? Surely they could hire security or ushers like at other festivals or public events?
This year was worse than last year. Police formed human chains across roads in an attempt to control the flow of human traffic. Judging by the time it took to get anywhere, they were slowing things down enormously. I know that the mets finest were only there for my protection but carnival is meant to be a joyous affair, and I find it hard to enjoy myself when police are eyeing me up like I'm their next suspect.

There were even police fully padded out in riot gear, with helmets, padded out from head to toe, ready I assume if a war were to break out. I could see them standing at the side of the road, fidgeting with their batons, waiting for someone to make the first move.

Funny story, my friend who a is a young mixed-race chap was walking home from Carnival along the Harrow Rd with my another friend of mine who is incidentally white. Both were decked out in brightly hued, extravagant old school hip hop gear. As they walked along, six police officers pounced on my mixed race friend as if he was Jean De Menzes at Stockwell tube station. The officers informed my mixed-race friend who was wearing a multi colored adidas jacket at the time, that they recognised him. When he replied that this was preposterous as he had never seen any of the officers before in his life. They berated him and informed him he was to be searched under some bogus act, they ignored my white friend. My mixed race friend handed over his small bag of green (the substance of choice at Carnival) and the police informed him he was a 'good boy', a bit like a dog or something. When he asked for a written report of the stop I believe the officers told him to 'F*ck off' and they had better things to do.

My friend's pleasant encounter highlights the rudeness and racist attitudes of the police. Carnival should have less police, and the police that are there should be there to help and have a good time not assert their authority. Carnival is not a chance for the police to experiment with new crowd control techniques, it's meant to be a celebration.

Monday, 7 September 2009


Bloodthirsty shaolin ish ...


Interesting concept of a fictional film trailer containing spliced images from various sources. Super dope....

Sunday, 6 September 2009


'The Men Who Stare At Goats' is based upon the book of the same name by Jon Ronson. In the book Ronson explores the (until now) very secret Psychic Operations of the U.S army, who have been experimenting on crazy, alternative forms of incapacitating the enemy since the 60's.
The film, which is coming out soon stars George Clooney, Kevin Spacey & Euan MacGreggor, the trailer looks rather entertaining.

Techinques such as remote viewing and mind control are still being practiced to this day by very specific parts of the US army and intelligence serivces.

Watch the documentary below to find out more...

Watch Crazy Rulers of the World - Ep. 1 in Educational & How-To | View More Free Videos Online at

Thursday, 20 August 2009


Check what Sa-Ra have done to this song....

Monday, 17 August 2009


True Hip-Hop Stories: Big Daddy Kane.

True Hip-Hop Stories: Buckshot (of Black Moon)

True Hip-Hop Stories: Sadat X of Brand Nubian

These amazing interviews are courtesy of D-Nice former member of the BDP crew. He is now amongst other things a DJ and a very talented photographer and film maker.


D-Nice 25 Ta Life from the 1991 LP To Tha Rescue

He is also produced this.

Saturday, 15 August 2009


I really like Hip Hop with a message. This song is called 'Heal'. Which stands for HUMAN EDUCATION AGAINST LIES. The track features Kid Capri, Big Daddy Kane, Run DMC, MC Lyte, KRS ONE and a whole host of others.


Thursday, 13 August 2009

DISTRICT 9- DIrected By Neil Blomkamp

I saw this film last night. I thought it was really good. It was gripping, it held my attention from start to finish.

It is about some aliens called, 'Prawns', that arrive and have been living in Johannesberg, South Africa for the last twenty years. They are kept away from Humans in a place called 'District 9', which quickly becomes a slum. The way the 'Prawn' aliens are treated is familiar to the way Blacks in aparteid South Africa were treated or even Jews in Nazi Germany.

The 'Prawns' are policed by the ominous big corporate private defense firm called NMU, whose presence is a hint to the real life foul-play of similar instittutions. NMU is only interested in money, weapons and power despite the consequences.

The film is very gory much in the same way Alien is, but I couldn't take my eyes of the screen.
The visual effects and graphics of the aliens and their technology is amazing.

The depiction of Nigerians in the film is the only racial cock-up (pardon my French), they are all depicted as blood thirsty, money hungry swindlers which is a stereotype taken too far in my opinion. But this does not detract from the quality of the film.

The best Alien film I've seen in a long time. Better than Alien & the new Star Trek. The mix of documentary style and big blockbuster make the film seem very real and believable.

The director Neil Blomkamp is very talented and has made films and adverts revolving around similar sci-fi themes such as robots and aliens. You can check them out by doing a quick search on youtube or google.

A must see.


Thursday, 6 August 2009


Tarantino delivers a World War Two saga with a pulp dynamic. Brad Pitt takes the reigns as Lt. Aldo Raine, in charge of the "Basterds" a group of Jews sent behind enemy lines to kill nazis. Tarantino paints his cinematic brush and offers the audience a landscape of film references. 'Inglourious Basterds' contains the trademark Tarantino glamour, violence and razor sharp dialogue we've come to expect from the master of B-Movies and independent cinema.

Christopher Waltz is excellent as the jew-hunting, multilingual nazi Col. Hans Landa, the ensemble cast is amazing just like Pulp Fiction, Tim Schweiger plays the psychotic, nazi killer Sgt. Hugo Stiglitz and Mike Myers has a brief moment as an English intelligence briefing officer. There are also plenty of gorgeous blondes to indulge Tarantino's foot fetish. The leading ladies are Melanie Laurent who plays a famous actress/spy as well as the Jewish girl living life as a Parisian cinema owner played by Diane Kruger.

Tarantino sets the place on fire.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Baatin (Titus Glover) is one third of the original Slum Village line up. He died on Saturday morning, the cause of death is still unknown. He had ongoing health problems and fell into a brief coma last year. Needless to say, he will be sorely missed by the Hip Hop community, it's a shame that he has gone to join his band mate the famous Jay Dee/J Dilla (James Yancey) on the other side.

Slum Village is one of my favorite crews of all time. Baatin comes very ridiculous with the flows, style and content he's almost like a kind of more conscious, Detroit ODB.

Check the opening track of Fantastic Vol.1 for a glimpse of Baatin's obscenely dope rhyming style on the link below...

Sunday, 2 August 2009


A few large firms pretty much own everything. The news they report can be biased or misleading. Don't rely on major media for all your information, think outside the box.


Friday, 31 July 2009


New Denzel movie featuring Gary Oldman, directed by the Hughes Brothers. In a post-apocalyptic future Denzel plays the guardian of the Book of Eli which is a book conaining information which could save humanity.

Monday, 27 July 2009



Friday, 17 July 2009


This is one of my favourite mix tapes, all the best Lord Quas joints beautifully infused with the tracks Madlib sampled.
Shouts to Dj Troubl from France, this mixtape is a bit of a masterpiece! Also mad props to Madlib for inventing one of the dopest characters in Hip Hop.


To Download Dj Troubl's 'Quasimoto Meets Himself'' click the link below.

Thursday, 16 July 2009


Listen to the beat! Madlib raps his verse while he's jogging!

Friday, 10 July 2009


This Documentary narrated by Forest Whittaker, delves into why pop music is so bad and so much of it sounds the same.

With artists such as Erykah Badu, Questlove & Eric Clapton dropping mad knowledge about the music industry, this is essential viewing for anyone with an interest in Music.


"Right now longevity is determined by how much money you make and how many fans buy your records." - Erykah Badu

"People get art and commerce mixed up and once you can separate the two and see that art is art and commerce is commerce and understand that this business is commerce, then it makes that much more sense." - Questlove