Saturday, 24 January 2009


SUN RA is one of the dopest musicians to ever live. An incredible jazz pianist and arranger, he invented space jazz. He created a whole free-jazz, heliocentric, intergalactic movement in the New York Jazz scene which he has been at forefront for the last five decades.
SUN RA is a very high mined guy, he says that when he was at university he somehow went to Saturn and he performed music there, and the people on Saturn told him the Earth was in chaos and he needed to speak to the world through music. This was in 1937, a whole ten years before the concept of UFOS and aliens had entered the popuular consciousness! His name refers to Ra the Egyptian Sun deity, SUN RA's intergalactic philosophy and interest in Black History certainly manifests itself in his music, this seems to be a theme that has remained in Black music ever since.
His music has influenced Cali beatmaker Madlib and the great George Clinton. Above all SUN RA understood that music is not just a form of aural pleasure or entertainment but it was more than that. Music is a very powerful tool and SUN RA believed if used in the right way it could transform the planet, bring peace and understanding by altering people's conciousness. Sun Ra's music is about thinking beyond the perimeters of your daily existence and shifting your thinking to a more cosmic scale.

SUN RA 1914-1993

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