Sunday, 20 December 2009


Redman is one of my favorite rappers. From 'Whut? Thee Album' released in 1992, to 'Dare Iz A Darkside' released in 1994 and then 'Muddy Waters' which came out on 1996, these three albums represent a triumvirate of ill funk rap that can't be replicated nor matched in my humble opinion. During this time The Funk Doctor Spock was rolling thick with the Def Squad, rap supergroup consisting of Eric Sermon, Keith Murray & Mally G, who during this period were catching mad amounts of wreck, in the booth, on stage and in the charts.

For me few other rappers do it for me like a young Redman, he's funny, his flows are always original and hard hitting and his rhymes are often intricate, complex and intelligent, pulsating with meaning and references. I think the three aforementioned albums as well as the other work he was putting out during this period serve as testament to Redman's superior rhyming ability. I doubt you'll find another rapper as pioneering or versatile as the Funkadelic Devil himself.

It is true since 'Muddy Waters', Redman has fallen off. But most rappers do. Time and money are usually the main factors contributing to a rappers downfall. Red is no exception.

For a glimpse of Redman in his funky, punchline spitting, hungry, prime please check out the attached mixtape. It is evidence that Redman was one of the best to ever do it and evidence that his style has influenced countless other rappers including Eminem, whose style was undoubtedly heavily influenced by Reggie Noble. Unfortunately Redman has become a parody of himself much in the same way Eminem has. Remember his six years of greatness, I say and ignore the sellout, movie star Redman of the present.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009


I have a thing for girls that can sing. I don't know what it is but if a girl can really hit those intense frequencies and has an amazingly beautiful voice it leaves me starry eyed. And if the girl is really intelligent and can sing and write beautiful songs it's all over. Lauren Hill for example, if she sang to me, like serenaded me and looked deep into my eyes and really meant it I'd probably cream myself. That said I present to you Rahel and Szjerdene who are both from London and both girls can really sing, and without sounding too neo-spiritual they both give off the amazing energy and vibe when the sing. It amazes me that talent like this isn't championed and recognised by record labels. X-Factor and Cheryl Tweedy don't have a single thing on these two young ladies.

Apologies for some of the video quality, but sometimes the best things in life are a little greasy.


Listen to Dame Dash drop incredible knowledge about the record industry. He speaks about 'whack world' a euphemism for the profit obsessed corporate mind state of those who run the major labels and other corporations. He also talks about music, the entertainment, industry, beef, conquest and the future. Take notes.

I found this ish on DJGONE.TV