Wednesday, 21 January 2009


So Obama made it through the inauguration. All I can say is I'm glad his security was so tight!
The fact that Obama is now the President of the USA represents a huge racial, cultural and political shift from George W. Bush.
A few people have been telling me that he's a puppet of the New World Order, or a distraction from some evil, corporate agenda. But if you actually listen to his speech, I don't think he sounds like a puppet, the bredda is deep and he had some inspiring things to say on the current state of the world. He talks about tackling global warming and the environment, peace and global responsibilty and leadership. Check it out...

Whilst I may think talking about politics and the colour of your car in the same sentence is ridiculous, I do think Jay-z has it spot on when it comes to my sentiments on Obama...

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