Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Lurv Tapes Vol.2

Henny Moan is back with another mix to keep your loins warm. Listen below or download HERE.

TheLurvTapesVol.2 by Henny Moan


Stalley comes with some more of that Creative Control new wave, god rap sh*t.


Wiz first caught my attention last year with the single 'Mezmorized'. Since then he has steadily ascended into superstar status: soldout tours, making tracks with Snoop and releasing his own line of rolling papers etc. Khalifa has replaced Snoop, B Real, Red, Meth and others as stoner rapper No.1. He and Curren$y represent a new breed of rappers who have successfully combined pop elements of more recent R&B and rap with parts of old school hip-hop into a winning formula. They conquered the internet first and then the mainstream. What separates Curren$y & Wiz from other rappers such as Wocka Flocka and Gucci Mane is that their styles are original and they can actually rap, well.

His new song 'On My Level' featuring 'Too Short' is another laid back, swagged out club joint about Wiz's two favorite things: women and weed. Whilst the formula of the song: subject matter and vibe, are what we've come to expect from Wiz, 'On My Level' feels like Wiz is trying to nail his niche and perfect what he does. I look forward to his album 'Rolling Papers' which drops in March.

Thursday, 27 January 2011


Dope animation of Plato's allegory of the cave, an important description of power and perspective.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


This Doc sees Stevie on the Hotter Of July tour, in which you catch a glimpse of the musical genius' backstage life on tour. The doc also focuses on Stevie's moving speech to an enormous crowd in Washington on Martin Luther King's birthday.

Sa-Ra Creative Partners – Episode II: Mission To Mars

New podcast of that futuristic, space funk, egyptron ish. Download here.

The Kid Daytona - 'On The Hill'

Laidback, aspirational, garment, swagger rap.

Monday, 10 January 2011


Happy New Year!

Here's some music you might have missed over the last few months:

Funkineven and Fatima

Funkineven is a producer/DJ from West london who's futuristic beats are made largely using vintage synthesizers, inspired by Acid Jazz, House music and musicians such as Prince, Juan Atkins and Harold Faltermeyer, Funkineven has released several records on UK label Eglo Records. As has Swedish born vocalist Fatima who has collaborated with producers such as Hudson Mohawke, Dam-Funk and Shafiq from Sa-Ra. In 2010 she released her 'Mind Travellin EP', largely produced by Funkineven. Check the mix below by Lefto for a taste of the space-age funk the duo produce.

Casey Veggies

Sleeping In Class is the new album from LA rapper Casey Veggies. Featuring guest spots from the likes of Dom Kennedy, Tyler The Creator and more. Casey left his mark on the West coast hip-hop scene last year with the summertime underground anthem 'It's All Good'. If you fancy more of this head to the link below and grab the whole album for free. The tracks 'Ridin' Round Town' & 'DTA' are definitely worth a listen.

Download 'Sleeping In Class' here.

Henny Moan

London based producer Henny Moan, used to be one third of the East-end synth group Hounds Of Hate. His latest musical offering 'Slayer Of Gash 2' is a distorted instrumental reminiscent of West Coast G-Funk. Sit back and enjoy.

Hype Williams

Laidback, ethereal vibes from East London art group Hype Williams on their new EP Dior which you can download or listen to below. Hype Williams are well know on the East London art & music scenes for their forward-thinking music, weird music videos and art installations.

The Lover/ Flying Lotus Project

Futuristic nu-soul in the vein of J*Davey and Sa-Ra courtesy of Flying Lotus and Dana. All beats on this project were produced by L.A beat-smith Flying Lotus, who is down with Warp Records and Brainfeeder. All of the songs were written & arranged by Cali based rapper/singer DANA. Flying Lotus released the critically acclaimed LP 'Cosmogramma' earlier this year.

Download HERE

The Jet Age Of Tomorrow

The Jet Age of Tomorrow are down with the LA skate/rap crew Odd Future, who helped produce many of the tracks on this album. 'Journey To The 5th Echelon' contains echos of The Neptunes and Sa-Ra, Om'mas Keith actually appears on one of the stand-out tracks 'The Finer Things'. Listen below or download here.