Sunday, 18 January 2009


I just bought the Lord Finesse & Mike Smooth- Funky Technician LP which was made in 1990 and released on Wild Pitch Recordings.
Lord Finesse is one of the dopest punchline rappers of all time. He's where Big L got his whole style from. Also the song 'Bad Mutha' is blatently where Nas got the idea to sample James Brown on his track 'Get Down'.
Lord Finesse is a member of the legendary D.I.T.C (Diggin In The Crates), whose members include Showbiz and A.G, Buckwild, Diamond D, Big L, Lord Finesse, O.C, and Fat Joe.
The only producers on the LP are Premier, Diamond D, Showbiz and Mike Smooth, who pretty much ensure every beat of funky boom bap comes correct.
D.I.T.C are one of the illest hiphop crews of all time.
Lord Finesse is the illest.
Don't Sleep.

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  1. For me personally, Finesse is rap's long distance runner. His unrivaled stamina stands alone in a field of sprinters.
    The Bé signing out