Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Joe Sinistr Featuring Terminator X & Godfathers Of Threatt - Under The Sun released in 1994
Rush Records.

This track is mad ill. Joe Sinistr is on some funk raw rap shit. The Parliament sample sounds like Dr. Trevis from the Redman albums.

'Krunchtime' off the same Terminator X album 'Superbad' which I am about to go cop.

Shouts to the Ambassador.


I stay bumping them secret madlib U.N remixes.

Shouts to Dutchy for putting me on to this.

Monday, 17 May 2010


I first went to Plastic when i was about 16. I went with my friend Luke to CDR, it was also the launch of a Chris Ofili exhibition. I knew that anyone could just go down to CDR and bring a CD of their own ish and it might get played. That was the premise of the night. Lucky our rap demo didn't get played, from what I can remember it was some pretty whack sh*t.

Anyway since then, (I am now 22) I've been to Plastic a couple more times. Its a place where I learned about music, records and sound. The people who come to Plastic a lot seem to be drawn to the wide range of records that are played there from Jazz to House to Dub Step as well as the unique sound of the club. The dance floor has been acoustically designed to maximize the sound. The bass is meant to be loud but not hurt your ears. The darkness of the dance floor means you can close your eyes and really listen to the music safe in the knowledge that everyone else is on the same vibe.

This film was made primarily to highlight the fact that Metropolitan Police submitted a complaint to Hackney Council suggesting they close the club. There is overwhelming public support for the club as evidence by the FaceBook group. Since making this film I've learned about the history of Plastic People, from when it used to be on Oxford St and the decks were on top of washing machines. I've also learned about the rich history of the resident DJ's and big nights at the club, and how it's very forward thinking musical policy which is essentially based around good sound and good music whether future, present or past has ensured it has remained successful to this day. Nights such as CDR, FWD, Nonsense, Co-Op, Balance all carry their own weight. Plastic is also one of the first places in London to have Jay Dee & Madlib over to play.

In the near future, a 'Keep Plastic People Alive Part 2' will drop on Spine TV that will feature people who have been involved in the club and can talk about it's cultural significance as a symbol for London's rich musical influences.

I'd like to shout everyone that has in anyway helped in making this film:

Jean Claude - If Music
Ali Augur - Artist/Plastic People Logo
Bernard Kudjoe - Plastic People
Tony Nwachukwu CDR
Ade - Manager
Winston - Security
Benni Blanco - Nonsense/Resident DJ/Chairman of 'Keep Plastic People Alive'
Gavin Alexander - CDR
Amelia Ideh - Put Me On It
Theo Parrish - DJ/Producer/Badman
Calvin Brown
Josey Rebelle - DJ/Writer
Josephine Chime - Artist
Eric Lau - Musician/Producer/DJ
Martelo - DJ
Yasuke Nagashima - Tailor
FunkinEven - Producer/Musician
Fatima - Soul Singer/ EGLO
Charlotte - Manager of Plastic People
Rahel - Soul Singer/ Musician
Santi - On dis ting
Alex Nut - EGLO/AYG
Zaid Mudhaffer - NOZ
Leo Marks - FSSG
Acyde - TMI
Zainab Jama - TMI/Deviation
Vent Fury
Chris Williams - SPINE MAG
Matt Tarr - SPINE MAG
Russell Williamson - U-DOX
All the staff, management, security & regulars of Plastic People.

I'd also like to shout Ruby Savage for suggesting to do this, and Samira Sharifu & Jasper Delamothe for all their hard work & dedication in helping to get this done.



I haven't updated this blog in a while. I've been very busy at Spine TV.

Did you know that Bees are incredibly important to the ecosystem of mankind? If bees stopped pollinating plants, a lot of plants would die causing great disruption to our food supply. Bees were held in great esteem by the Egyptians, for they knew bees were important for vegetation and they utilised honey's medicinal properties, FreeMasons today base their ordered structure of the Lodge on bees. The illustration above is entitled 'The British Beehive', where The Bank forms the base; craftsmen & labourers are at the bottom, The Queen is at the top. It was done in 1867, not much has changed.


I know I'm very late but I still need to share my favorite Gangstarr videos wit y'all and say R.I.P "Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal".

There has also been a lot of talk lately of how Solaar fucked Guru over in his final years on this earth. Apparently Solaar was shady & took advantage of Guru in his weak, vulnerable state, controlling his finances. But let us not allow these distasteful accusations & rumors of treachery & neglect to cloud the memory of one of the most prolific, righteous emcees of all time.




This is a good radio show to listen to if you want to hear some classic Gangstarr & Guru played by none other than Premo himself on his radio show. The tracks are cut up by Premier in such a way that you can tell they are blatant shots at Solaar. It's pretty deep!

R.I.P Keith 'Guru' Elam 1961-2010


Family Stand - Ghetto Heaven (1990)

Sunday, 16 May 2010


Kool G Rap & Mobb Deep or Styles P?

Saturday, 15 May 2010


Matthew Larkin Cassell - 'In My Life' originally released in 1977 from the LP, 'Pieces'. Stones Throw have recently released his complete works.

This tune is ridiculous. Wait for the drop, it's not til 1:50. Be patient, let it build.

Shout outs to Quills, Acyde & Matt Tarr for putting me on to this.