Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Mixed Up is a film which explores the correlations between mixed race heritage and style influences. It was made by Cassie Clarke for her BA Fashion Promotion final project. The film was conceived, filmed and edited by Cassie.

I really liked this film firstly because it explores mixed race style. There have been many studies of black or white people, but there aren't too many focusing on mixed race people. Cassie interviews what looks like a bunch of mixed race students from London, and explores how their heritage has affected their style. I found I could identify with most people in the film, seeing as I am mixed race and from London, many of the narratives seemed very familiar to my own story.

I was also impressed by how concise and effective the film was, seeing as it was made very simply by a first time film maker. I found it very inspiring as I am an aspiring film maker myself. if your at all interested in mixed race people and how their heritage impacts what they wear, I suggest you check it out.

Cassie also has a blog that coincides with the film which explores mixed race style @ Mixed Up.

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