Sunday, 11 October 2009


Jay Dee is not only a very accomplished producer he is also an outstanding emcee. His voice is mellow and laid back, his delivery is precise and nonchalant and he spits his flow like a musician playing a rhythym instrument.

Jay is mad dope, whether he's spitting with Slum, Common, Tribe or some gully detroit rappers, he always comes correct. His flow and delivery are so on point, that he is a pleasure to listen to.

Now below is a hand selected, freshly picked batch of the gullyest Jay Dee verses. Listen, enjoy and relish this accomplished producer spitting some Grade A fire. Make a playlist on your iPod called 'Dilla Spittin' and turn it up.


1. F*ck The Police- J Dilla (Pay Jay)
2. Get It Together- Slum Village
3. That Shit- The Ummah
4. Make Em NV- J Dilla (Ruff Draft)
5. Reckless Driving- J Dilla (Ruff Draft)
6. The $- J Dilla (Ruff Draft)
7. Shake It Down - Jay Dee (Welcome To Detroit)
8. Give It Up - Jay Dee (Welcome To Detroit)
9. Reunion - Slum Village (Detroit Deli)
10.Cosmic Slop - Jay Dee (Jay Dee Project)
11.Fresh for 1998 - Jay Dee (Jay Dee Project)
12.Thelonius - Common Feat. Slum Village (Like Water For Chocolate)
13.Heat - Common Feat. Jay Dee (Like Water For Chocolate)
14.Game Over - Dabrye Feat. Jay Dee & Phat Kat
15.As Serious As Your Life Is (Jay Dee Remix) - Fourtet
16.Beej-N-Dem Pt.2 - Jay Dee (Welcome To Detroit)
17.Act Like You Know - Platinum Pied Pipers Feat. Jay Dee
18. N*ggaz Know - Pete Rock Feat. J Dilla

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  1. wow can't believe this is still up.

    thanks for putting together this playlist of Dilla rhymes. much rspkt.