Monday, 21 September 2009


These songs all fit together. It's as if they were all influenced by something higher, an unknown force, funk, god, light call it what you will. These songs all resonate on a frequency which causes me to nod my head haphazardly and screw my face up, in a good way.

1. Make Me Stronger (Floating Points Remix) Feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow - Bei Bei & Shawn Lee

This song actually f*cks with my soul. Georgia Anne Muldrow is an ancient Goddess exuding her earthly truths over an equally disturbing and beautiful beat by Floating Points, which contains agressive digital space synths along side melancholy Strings.

2. After the Rain (GB Remix) - Little Dragon

This song also belongs in the f*cks with my soul category. GB really does it here. There is something about unique and powerful female vocalists such as Georgia Anne Muldrow, AHU as well as Yukimi Nagano the vocalist for Little Dragon over futuristic beats that really do it for me. It's strange because these first two songs are both remixes that sound completely different from the original versions. The tracks confirm Floating Points and GB as solid producers.Its the bassline contrasted with Yukimi Nagano vocals and airy chords that make this a big favorite of mine.

3. Roberta Flack- Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus delivers a surefire winner with bits of digital bassline scattered amongst a medley of star crossed samples, AHU's slightly disturbing vocal tone is at once soothing but piercing.

Bonus Track
Addicted - Stacy Epps


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  1. Penelope PistolPhun2 October 2009 at 09:55

    you got the third ear x