Monday, 11 May 2009


This is for my Slum Village, D'angelo, Sa-Ra, Madlib, Flying Lotus fans out there. Whilst all these musicians can be put in similar categories, they're music does all sound different and they all do have they're own original sounds. But I think they're sounds overlap and they all draw on each other for inspiration & healthy competiton. I think It is interesting for me looking at that list of names above that the common denominator between all of those artists is Dilla, but that's probably a conversation for another post.

Jneiro Jarel is another one of those heavily slept on artists. It's a shame because he probably doesn't get as much attention as JayDee or Madlib when he's on a pretty similar tip. He's another one of those producer, rapper, genius studio musicians in the Q-Tip, Diamond Dee mould. I seriously bug out to Jneiro Jarel, I can hear the Slum Village & Madlib esque qualities in his music. But since Hip Hop music is all about sampling and borrowing ideas and in the famous words of Nas, 'no ideas original, there's nothing new under the sun' then it would only make sendse for Jneiro to come with something incredible.

As is the case with a lot of music I prefer the earlier Jneiro Jarel to his later stuff. His 2004 release 'Three Piece Puzzle' is a space soul masterpiece easily on par with The Unseen or Fantastic Vol.1 or 2. I think because Jneiro Jarel openly references artists like Dilla or Mad, he perhaps isn't attributed with being an originator of the sound in the same way they are, even if he might deserve more props.

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