Saturday, 16 May 2009


Fractals in Tibet
Fractal Palace
Image of city made using computer mathematical substrate

Computer game Fractal

A fractal is a pattern composed of a reoccurring, self-referencing shape. Fractals occur in nature such as the pattern for a Fern or a snowflake. Fractals are used in art, fashion and occur everywhere in the natural world. The most famous fractal is the mandelbrot set (above) which is devised from a set of mathematical proofs. There is an interesting lecture given by Ron Eglash on African's building their villages according to Fractal algorithms. Its amazing that nature can be defined through mathematics. It's also amazing that fractals are everywhere, the pattern of the earth, cities, your lungs, hair, flowers. I also see fractals on the back of my eyelids when I close my eyes.

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