Sunday, 10 May 2009


Most of the Hip Hop I have written about on this blog has been pre 96' golden era or early hip hop, but now I want to bring to light a few slept on artists that have made worthy, classic material since then. These particular artists stand out to me because in terms of original fresh, beautiful music ( I do search for beauty in the music) there hasn't been that much since about 96.

The album 'ONE A.M' by Diverse released in 2003 stands out because the whole album is good not just a few tracks. The LP features collaborations with heavy hitters such as Jean Grae, Presfuse 73 & Madlib. Tracks like 'Blind Man' & 'Just Biz' stand out to me because Jazz inspired concious tracks are my ish. But Diverse brings something new to the table.

I don't think Diverse' lyrical ability has been duly noted in the history of Hip Hop because he really is ridiculous (in a good way). He is super super advanced and his flow is so complex it's hard to predict and follow (in a good way), and whilst is contains traces of other rappers such as Pharaoh or Ghostface perhaps, the style is completely original, and he's succeeded in becoming more structurally advanced than them. There is enough content here for a thousand listens.

This windy city postal worker has got it going on. Before Lupe and them other fakes.

You can download the album here....

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