Monday, 6 April 2009


The Red Bull Music Academy is an annual event where the creme of the international music scene gather to exchange ideas, stories and rhythms. Beatmakers, DJs and musicians give lectures on their lives according to music; the unedited format of the lecture allows for the lecturers to drop gems of advice and get intimate on the subject.
Academy participants all collaborate on a small number of music projects at the academy. The RBMA is like a workshop for the exhchange of ideas: techniques and technology as well as insider information about the record industry.

Some of my favorite artists have been lecturers at RBMA such as DJ Premier, Madlib, Questlove and SA-RA. They all drop crazy knowledge about music & how they got to where they are now through their art. Questlove breaks down Hip-Hop chronologically as it relates to his crew, The Roots. I learned so much from this lecture. Firstly Quest is the biggest music nerd in the World and super geeky when it comes to Hip Hop, thus he is incredibly good at articulating the story of Hip Hop via his crew. He has the unique viewpoint of growing up at the same time as the Hip Hop whilst playing an active role in the art form as well as an being an avid admirer and fan.

So check out ?uestlove from the legendary Roots crew dropping serious knowledge on what Hip Hop is.


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