Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Released on DefJam in 94',pretty much this whole album was produced by the Reggie Noble himself with a little bit of sly help from Eric Sermon & Rockwilder.

This is a ridiculously funked out album. Redman is one of my favourite rappers, he is extremely underrated, it's a shame because most people just think he's just that stoner from How High who's friends with Meth. If you listen to what he's saying, his flows and content are ridiculous. The beats on this are overly Funky, Red's album cover is a homage to the 1971 Funkadelic Lp, 'Maggot Brain.'

This album is extremely dope not in the least because Redman produced the whole thing, but also because it's on a different, darker deep tip than his previous release, 'Whut! Thee Album'. He managed to switch his whole style up but remain quintessentially Redman!
When Red released this album he was just reaching his peak rolling with Eric Sermon & Keith Murray and the rest of the Def Squad, he would go on to make the third of his three classic albums, 'Muddy Waters' in 96'. At this timeThe Funk Doc was also repping hard for Def Jam, moving units and selling out concerts. Those three albums are why everyone still loves him now and he gets to make movies and TV shows n such.

Fu*k all this new sh*t their trying to pass off as music on the radio, listen to some real funky sh*t that will do something new for you everytime.


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