Monday, 14 March 2011


Footage of Tyler, Leftbrain, & Hodgy goofing about with Om'mas from Sa-Ra in his studio in LA. This video shows Tylers talent on the keys as well as his ADHD. The track they start playing from about 1:00 in is very dope. Whether you're down with Odd Future or not, they are here to stay as Tyler & Earl have signed to XL Records. The crew also plan to release a slew of solo albums this year including Tyler's Goblin and Domo Genesis' Rolling Papers 2 unfortunately Wiz Khalifas new album is called Rolling Papers too, both rappers have similar styles. I'd be interested to see who's album is better. With the input of musicians such as Om'mas Keith and NERD, whom Tyler has been tweeting about spending time with in the studio, these are exciting times for good music.

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