Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Alot of rappers have passed through the gates of Bad Boy over the years only to dwindle into obscurity: Craig Mack, Mase, Black Rob, Shyne, Loon and more. Whilst fucking over artists isn't an exclusive pursuit of Bad Boy, Diddy's rap sheet leaves something to be desired.

G. Dep is an ill rapper, he was bought in to Bad Boy by Black Rob, another rapper from Harlem.
Emcees who sign to Bad Boy don't seem to have the best of luck despite the image Diddy might portray.

The film above is part of a dope series called New York Minute directed by Gasface. The series has a hip-hop theme dealing with life in the rotten apple, check it out here.

G. Dep released his album to Child of The Ghetto in 2001 and failed to generate much of a buzz. Despite falling off from Bad Boy, G. Dep is a very ill emcee. The tracks 'Special Delivery' and 'Let's Get It' are straight classics. The track 'Head Over Wheels' which I first heard on a DJ Premier mixtape is an amazing record.

If you haven't seen this video, you need to check it. G. Dep might appear disheveled and even apprehensive to rap, the PCP can't have helped. But after missing the drop a few times, he actually delivers something special. Fast forward to (0:45) if time is of the essence.

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