Monday, 14 February 2011


There's not much UK hip-hop on this blog, because unfortunately I'm not feeling a great deal of UK hip-hop recently other than Giggs, P-Money, Lee Scott, Bill Shakes, Nate, Piff Gang and a few other bits and pieces. It seems like a lot of UK rap has really bad production or is really commercial. Whilst N-Dubz and Tinchie may be making it to No.1 their brand of pop grime is very debatable, their songs aspire to be US pop anthems from the likes of Usher or Blacked Eyed Peas. The best UK rap can be found dispersed amongst the UK grime scene and on SBTV videos on youtube.

Super Dertie's 'Cadillac EP' is a godsend, the production is off the chain, whether the samples have been cleared or not. And Super Dertie, has made something no other UK rapper has done that I'm aware of. He's made an R&B record. With echoes of Barry White and Big Daddy Kane, the 'Cadillac EP' was made with the ladies in mind. Like a UK Wiz Khalifa or Curren$y Super waxes lyrical about women, weed and of course automobiles. UK Hip-Hop emcees have a habit of trying to overcomplicate their rhymes and talking about things out of sci-fi novels, Super Dertie is a welcome break from this tradition. Super's buttery flow is gentle and well thought out, more Slum Village than Canibus. Super has brought the funk and soul back to UK rap. Super Dertie is in the rap crews Second Nature and Piff Gang and comes from a background of rapping over grime, garage and hip-hop tracks. Sometimes Super reminds me a bit of Phonte or Bushkin from Heartless crew.

Be sure to check out my favorite tracks: 'Cadillac' & 'De Ville Flowin (Ft. Dee)'.

Bump this at high volume driving your expensive vehicle, with your favorite companion smoking a large...

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