Tuesday, 8 February 2011


The other night I went I went to Scala in Kings Cross to attend the J Dilla tribute event put on by Spin Doctor, the Living Proof & Nonsense crew and various other members of the UK hip-hop/club community. I was surprised to see such a large turnout of people, I was also surprised by the type of people at the gig. Contrary to many hip-hop events I've attended before in the UK, the crowd wasn't predominately white! It was a real mix, with caucasians probably making up a minority, also it was really cool to be surrounded by people who are all into the same music as me. I believe that certain frequencies resonate with like-minded people.

Crowd analysis aside, the music left me feeling invigorated and ecstatic: a minor religious experience! I believe there is a quality in Dilla's music of positivity and love which can have an incredible energizing effect on a crowd instantaneously. Whilst of course this can be said for other musicians, it was amazing to hear classic after classic, hit after hit for hours on end all produced by the one man.

Below are a few of the tracks that I heard on the other night that particularly resonated with me.

Slum Village - 'Get This Money'

J Dilla - Make Em NV

Slum Village - Fall In Love (Remix)

Keith Murray - The Rhyme (Jay Dee Remix)

Jay Dilla - E=MC² (Feat. Common)

Slum Village - Raise It Up

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