Monday, 8 November 2010


Mellowhype are Hodgy Beats & Left Brain, members of the Odd Future Wolf Gang camp. They have just released the album 'BLACKENEDWHITE', definitely a dope album. Previously they have put out the mixtape YELLOWHITE which is worth checking out.

Lyrical content is a mix of casual thuggery, kush talk & determination. Hodgy Beats has a clear, clean style reminiscent of Wiz Khalifa & Lil B. The beats as always with Odd Future are fresh, lush & bangin. Both Hodgy & Left Brain produce.

Hodgy has traces of Kanye & Wiz Khalifa in his voice but is a lyrical beast in his own right. Flipping mad syllables, his mellow west coast flow contains confidence & hunger. Leftbrain spits less often, dropping bombs here & there. He kicks a dope verse on Fuck The Police Feat. Tyler The Creator.

Stand out tracks on BLACKENEDWHITE are Loco, Brain featuring Hodgy Beats, Corduroy Feat. Earl, Loaded & Right Here Feat. Mike G. Polyurthane & Rolex from YELLOWHITE

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