Sunday, 21 November 2010


Tyler The Creator's Bastard.

3.Odd Toddlers Feat. Casey Veggies
4.French! Feat. Hodgy Beats
6.Pigs Fly Feat. Domo Genesis
8.Slow It Down Feat. Hodgy Beats
9.AssMilk Feat. Earl
11.Session Feat. Hodgy Beats & BranDun Deshay
13.Jack & The Beanstalk
14. Tina Feat. Jasper & Taco

Download HERE.

Bastard is a cult classic, a modern masterpiece. Tyler is a beast on the mic, his beats are phenomenal, they either bang hard or are as mellow as f*ck. Tyler is the product of LA skate & music culture . Think early Eminem or Redman meets Southpark with a bit of RZA, Quasimoto, MF Doom & Lil B sprinkled into the mix. Tyler's lyrics are far from conventional: rape, murder, drugs & casual misogyny being is topics of choice. But whilst Tyler can shock his rhymes are both an examination of his immediate surroundings: LA youth culture and a wider culture of American homicide & crime. Think the Cohen Brother's No Country For Old Men meets Wu Tang Clan's 36 Chambers.

Track's such as 'French' & 'VCR/Wheels' immediately stand out for their beats. When I heard 'French' performed live it sounded ridiculous on the levels of Beastie Boy & Run DMC anthems. 'VCR/Wheels' are beautiful beat sketches with Tyler's low pitched vocals over the top. Referencing beats that are usually reserved for RnB crooners, 'Wheels/VCR' are songs of the highest irony, Tylers subject matter of rape & kidnap are eerily juxtaposed over the pleasant beats. The rest of the album is fire, riddled with gnarly rhyme patterns, double entendres and teenage angst. I eagerly await his forthcoming album Wolf. But for now I'm happy to listen to Bastard, a shocking concept album complete with dope beats & fresh rhymes. 5/5

*Bonus: Bastard Chopped and Screwed by Mike G

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