Wednesday, 24 June 2009


The main reason I started this blog, is to present a side of Hip Hop that doesn't get a lot of airtime in the mainstream press. To present a side of Hip Hop that is intelligent, positive and creative.
The following download, is from one of my favourite rapper/producer extraordinaires: Madlib! This is Track 8 on Madlib's Mind Fusion, volume 4, and is essentially a mix of rare freestyles and tracks from Madlib and his friends who form the crews Loop Pack and CDP (Crate Diggers Palace). The track features some off the chain freestyles/verses from Madlib, Gods Gift and Declaime.
This is one of my favourite little Hip Hop mixes, because all of the emcees display mad originality and intelligence and I think freestyling does demonstrate ones ability as an emcee somewhat. These lot have got lyrics for days.
So sit back, light up and listen to the sounds of real west coast hip hop...

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