Sunday, 30 January 2011


Wiz first caught my attention last year with the single 'Mezmorized'. Since then he has steadily ascended into superstar status: soldout tours, making tracks with Snoop and releasing his own line of rolling papers etc. Khalifa has replaced Snoop, B Real, Red, Meth and others as stoner rapper No.1. He and Curren$y represent a new breed of rappers who have successfully combined pop elements of more recent R&B and rap with parts of old school hip-hop into a winning formula. They conquered the internet first and then the mainstream. What separates Curren$y & Wiz from other rappers such as Wocka Flocka and Gucci Mane is that their styles are original and they can actually rap, well.

His new song 'On My Level' featuring 'Too Short' is another laid back, swagged out club joint about Wiz's two favorite things: women and weed. Whilst the formula of the song: subject matter and vibe, are what we've come to expect from Wiz, 'On My Level' feels like Wiz is trying to nail his niche and perfect what he does. I look forward to his album 'Rolling Papers' which drops in March.

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