Wednesday, 22 September 2010


I saw these guys the other day at Ronnie Scotts and they killed it. Eight brothers from Chicago all on horns and a drummer. Each guy had a go at either speaking in between songs or rapping. Most of the tracks they played were quite up tempo & intense, perhaps more suitable to the large arenas they mentioned they had been playing in. They did play one downtempo number which they said was from their forthcoming album. Shit sounded ridiculous.

In between songs they told jokes and explained their philosophy and inspirations such as the cosmos & Sun - Ra. They played a song called Mercury, named after the closest planet to the Sun, explaining they played it whenever it was raining or gloomy & they wanted the Sun to come out. Scarily it was apparently often successful!

Hypnotic's horn playing is definitely tight & the raps they were busting were kind of slum village esque scat raps but a little bit more profane. They had all of Ronnie Scotts singing along to "Bang, Bang, Skeet, Skeet" which was pretty funny!

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