Friday, 23 July 2010


Roc Marciano, former member of the Flipmode Click has performed a supernatural feat , he has made an album where he's made every beat, killed off every song, had very few guest appearances and made a complete album that is dope down to the artwork, this album desrves your money.

Roc Marciano raps like a raw Queens thug and the beats are classic New York banger with a hint of Madlib roughness. He sounds like Raekwon/Prodigy from Mobb Deep. His nonchalant, drug infested rhymes are hypnotic, humourous and memorable.

Marciano has managed to capture a mood of what it's like to be a thug on the corner in Queens handling your business, in a certain time and place and age. The album is like an ill New York drug movie, like that one with Camron in 'Paid in Full'.

The album of 2010 for me, the two tracks below are my anthems.

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