Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Intangible, indescribable, unexplainable, unescapable, what is love? Love encompasses a broad range of emotions, there are many types of love. The way you love your mother is very different from the way you love your partner or friend or the way you love you're country/football team/barbie etc...

I think love can be broken down and simplified. It is that raw, warm fuzzy feeling you get when something or someone affects you greatly. Love is energy, a chemical reaction in your brain, a quickening of the pulse, a knot in your stomach, a bounce in your step. We're all familiar with the symptoms.

Love is pure energy, like a beam of light. The same way people like to sun bathe, I like to be surrounded by love. Imagine if you could see Love as a tangible cloud of gas floating around you and you were able transmit some of you're love gas to the others around you and they could do the same.

Anyway, the reason I speak of love is because I, myself personally try my utmost to spread love to all my friends and family. Whilst I may not do everything they want I definitely spreads love. I am of the firm opinion that if i do so I will receive the same in return, in abundance.

But it is hard to always maintain a positive demeanor in such ungodly times and I constantly seek out the light, which in this case is love. Now I know a lot of people talk about Jay Dee but don't know diddly squat. But I've been bumping that Slum/Ummah/Soulquarian/Jaylib ish since always.

A lot of Dilla's music was about Love. A lot. The main, reoccurring theme in his music is Love. His passion for the music and passion for whatever he was passionate about in the world came through remarkably well in his music. Below is a selection of my favorite Jay Dee "Love" songs.
But remember Love doesn't stop at romance, love can be spread through art & music as well as kind words, thoughts and deeds.

And if you listen to what Jay Dee has to say particularly on the Slum Village stuff with Baatin and T3, the whole entire Fantastic Vol. 1 is about Love! But not in a corny way, it's about particular types or aspects of love.

Slum Village - Things U Do (Remix)

What's Love Got To Do With It (Look Of Love Remix)

The Look Of Love Remix

The Look Of Love

Fall n Love

Miguel Atwood Ferguson & Carlos Nino - Fall In love

Toshi - Nothing But Your Love (Jay Dee Remix)

J Dilla Feat. Frank N Dank - Love Is A Thing Of The Past



  1. There's something very attractive about a woman who loves SV and even more so when that woman writes so beautifully.