Monday, 17 May 2010


I know I'm very late but I still need to share my favorite Gangstarr videos wit y'all and say R.I.P "Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal".

There has also been a lot of talk lately of how Solaar fucked Guru over in his final years on this earth. Apparently Solaar was shady & took advantage of Guru in his weak, vulnerable state, controlling his finances. But let us not allow these distasteful accusations & rumors of treachery & neglect to cloud the memory of one of the most prolific, righteous emcees of all time.




This is a good radio show to listen to if you want to hear some classic Gangstarr & Guru played by none other than Premo himself on his radio show. The tracks are cut up by Premier in such a way that you can tell they are blatant shots at Solaar. It's pretty deep!

R.I.P Keith 'Guru' Elam 1961-2010

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