Thursday, 12 March 2009


'They Live' directed by John Carpenter and released in 1988 is another very dope movie you can watch for free on the internet.

The film is a protest against media and materialism, and the corporate stranglehold media and advertising have upon our lives.

A drifter called Nada, stumbles upon a pair of special glasses that allow him to see the truth.
That an alien race of beings walk amongst us are managing to control us by distracting us with material objects and by sending messages to our subconscious.

The true language of the government and corporate elite (the aliens) is revealed once you don these special glasses, , 'Obey', 'Stay Asleep', 'Submit to Authority'. These words have since become synonymous with revolt and rebellion.

They use of the word 'Obey' in this film inspired the artist Shepard Fairey to create a whole art movement around they word. He's the bredda that made all those cool Obama posters.

The film is an interesting approach at dramatizing the ways we are being subtly controlled.
U mite as well watch it this ish it's free on Google video and its like £16 in HMV.

Watch it right here...


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    I saw this movie,it was quite interesting.Thanks.